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These board games are ideal for couples wanting to explore their sexual relationship, groups in search of sexual stimulation, or those seeking erotic excitement.  Various game themes are available and can be played at a level to suit your sexual preferences and liberation. 
Games typically involve 2 or more players moving their chosen counters from the start to finish position on the board.  As you progress around the board, you will land on action squares.  A typical action could require you to take off an item of clothing.  At certain points throughout the game you will be required to pick a card.  These cards contain a variety of actions or forfeits and are tailored very much around the theme of the game.  Examples of card actions include living a fantasy with another player(s), massaging another player(s) in a sexual manner, or having 5 minutes of freedom to do what you like with whoever you like!  The rules can be discussed and decided amongst yourselves, and the use of props is encouraged.

Fantasy Island
Have you ever wanted to star in a porn film, dress up in themed clothing, photograph a page 3 model, have an orgy with close friends, or have sex with more than one partner? This game concentrates on the fantasies that you have kept inside your mind for all those years.  This is an ideal game to give you the freedom to explore those fantasies in an atmosphere where you will quickly find that you are not alone.

Intimate Passion
Is your sex life dull and boring?  Do you ever feel that the excitement has gone from your sex life and find yourself wanting more?  This game is ideal for couples in need of sexual stimulation or groups interested in trying adult board games, perhaps for the first time.  The game will typically start by you getting to know each other.  You will gradually feel yourselves becoming more and more aroused, clothing will be removed, you will begin touching and exploring each others body, and then it's up to you.

Strip Club
Have you ever longed to go to a strip club but were too embarrassed to do so? Or you may have been to a club and thought about the experience ever since. This game brings the strip club to you.  Amongst yourselves you will quickly enter into the roles of stripper and lap dancer. Whether you are performing or watching, the excitement will be unforgettable.  A friend has just landed on a square to remove their last item of clothing.  Your turn is next and you pick an action card .... you ask your friend to give you a lap dance ...... you are only wearing one item of clothing yourself ....

Bedtime Party
Typically played in the bedroom, players could start the game wearing night clothing or underwear.  The game quickly develops into one of partial or full nudity, players helping each other to undress.  Players take it in turn to try the bed for comfort, either by themselves, or with one or more partners.  You take an action card that asks you to go to bed, but you must lie or sit on top of another player .... 

Erotic Encounters
This is our most sexually erotic game.  This game is best played by open-minded, fully sexually liberated players, eager to try anything.  Nudity is assumed, intercourse, group sex, masturbation, you decide! 

Adult Board Games Compendium - our best selling game
Based on the Intimate Passion board game, the Compendium comes packaged with themed cards from our entire range of games.  You will therefore have the flexibility to play up to 5 different adult board games, or perhaps even mix up the cards for added excitement.

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