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'Adult Board Games' offers you a range of board games ideal for couples wanting to explore their sexual relationship, groups in search of sexual stimulation, swingers, or those seeking erotic excitement.  Various game themes are available and can be played at a level to suit your sexual preferences and liberation.

Each game has been carefully developed over the last 5 years.  We pay particular attention to customer feedback, and our games incorporate many of the ideas and suggestions put forward by yourselves.  As a result of this, we believe we can offer you a range of games that we guarantee you will enjoy playing.

The Games

Each game comprises a playing board, themed cards, counters and dice.

Note that game downloads require you to supply your own dice and counters).


All prices are quoted in
Pounds Sterling.
Payments will be made via "Your Secure" a proven secure payment handler.

(not applicable as these games are downloaded from the internet)

Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee that you will enjoy playing our games.  If you are not totally satisfied with your game(s) then we would like to hear from you.

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